MOLYKOTE TP-42 Special German Grease for Power Chucks
Item Code: TP-42
Just to Improve Quality & better life n gripping strength of your Power Chucks, we offer Best Grease of the World. We sell Molykote TP-42 Chuck paste,m which is recommnded by Kiatagawa Japan, SECO, GMT. This is best Grease 7 prices are very competitive as compared to other highly expensive Greases in the Market. Its features are made it to stich at the all of the Minor & Major slides of the Chucks, which increases its life, gripping & Quality too.
We recomend you to Grease / lubricate your Chuck with recommended Grease only. Grease your Chuck once a day, if your machines are running for 24 Hrs. then greasing twice is Mandatiry.
To get better results Also clean your Chucks after 1 Month & re-assembel them after proper washing & Greasing.
We sell IT Grease also, that is bit cheaper then Molykote.
Other Information
Port of Dispatch: Ludhiana
2.) Delivery Time: Ready Stock

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