These chucks are called Master Gripping Chucks because the Jaws of these chucks are split into two parts. Master jaws (base jaw) and top soft Jaws Master Jaws has a slot on the Top, which helps to Mount reversable Top Hard Jaws &Top Soft Jaws with Bolts. They are highly used Chucks in Industry. The Top Jaws are mounted on Base Jaws with Allen Bolts. It is possible to mount many top Jaws on same base jaws to provide suitable and quick grip to a variety of jobs. The base Jaws can also be mounted with soft Jaws, in case of second operation, when higher repetitive gripping accuracy is required. When soft Jaws are used you can have repetitive accuracy of (.015mm) 15 microns. The chuck is supplied with one Top Hard reversible jaw set and a Set of Soft Jaws.
These Chucks are available in 160, 200, 250, 315 & 400 mm sizes and are supplied in 2 Jaw, 3 Jaw, 4 Jaw and 6 Jaws configuration.

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