Power Chucks are made for Automatice Clamping on modern CNC Machines. They are operated Hydraulic / Pneumatic Chucks. Power Chucks are available in 2, 3 & 4 Jaws. Hollow / Close Bore Chucks are available with KARAM CHUCKS.
We sell SECO, GMT, KITAGAWA, ROHM amke Power Chucks.
Power chucks for CNC Machines
Power Chucks for CNC machines, these chucks are used for machining work pieces that can be clammped with more grip & rigidity. Power Chucks are used on CNC Machines to hold the component with more Grip & rigidity. They are Opearted by Rotary Cylinders. Power Chucks comes in 2,3 & 4 Jaws. Open center / Close Center. Now a days people are using these Power Chucks on Manual Machines also.
3 components are required rto operate Power Chucks.
» Rotary Cylinder (Hollow / Close Bore)
» Power Chuck (Hollow / Close Bore)
» Hydraulic Power Pack

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