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Self Centering Chucks
We are way forward in trading, distribution and exporting Self Centering Chucks. As we ensure defect-free quality products, we are entitled to receive considerable appreciation from our clients spread all over the world.

Self Centering Chucks are extensively used Chucks in the Industry. These are Manually hand operated Chucks. A chuck with jaws that open and close together. Self-centering chucks accurately position a workpiece along the centerline of the chuck.

They come in 2, 3, 4 & 6 Jaws. Their size starts from 80mm to 24". Their Run Out comes in Microns.

We sell SECO, Zither, Jainson, Turno, Norma make Self Centering Chucks.

They come in CI - Cast Iron Body, Steel Body & SG Iron Body

They come with Soft Jaws & Reversable hard Jaws also.

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