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  Gmt Power Chucks Open / Close Bore
  We Sell Gmt Power Chucks. Gmt Power Chucks Are Widely Used In The Market. Manufactured By Guindy Machine Tools. Karam Chucks Is Authorised Delare For Their Chucks Power Cum Manual In Full Range... Sizes Comes As 135mm - 500mm Comes In 2,3 & 4 Jaws Open / Close Center
  Auto Indexing Chuck Gmt Karam Chucks

We sell GMT Make Auto Indexing Chucks.
Power Operated Auto (Power) Indexing Chucks are used for Machining valves, bonnet, universal joints and spider.

Chuck index position:
4 x 90° , 3 x 120° , 2 x 180°

  Indexing is done during the rotation of the main spindle. Clamping, Indexing, locking, and de-clamping are performed by hydraulic integral distributor. The component is clamped by moving the lower jaw through an integral cylinder. The upper jaw is stationary
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